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Clicked-on businesses buy promotional pens...

Printing technology advancements has made branded merchandise more affordable than ever. Most popular of all promotional products? - the humble promotional pen.

At we're actually passionate about pens, crazy for click-tops, potty about pencils and fond of fountains. On this site you'll find one of the most comprehensive range of promotional pens ready to be printed and personalised with your logo or corporate message. Why this level of adoration for promotional pens ? - because we know they're a fantastic and inexpensive way to reach your target audience.

Promotional pens stake their claim on desktop real estate

Pen pots and holders in every business across the country are little marketing goldmines you can tap into with minimal investment. Imagine a promotional pen personalised with your logo/ message in every one. Now imagine the countless times it's seen, picked-up or handled each and every day...

Plastic promotional pens are cheap but not nasty

For exhibitions, mass-mailings and bulk giveaway products nothing can beat cheap promotional pens for the right balance of cost-effectiveness and 'stay-out-of-the-bin' usefulness. Cheap prices don't have to mean nasty quality, not with modern manufacturing and printing methods. You can choose from a whole range of styles and colours, retractable or twist-actions and all suitably branded. Yes, this is the wonderful world of promotional pens !!

It's not just plastic that's fantastic

At we represent a number of leading pen manufacturers from all over the world and offer much more than plastic giveaways. Our promotional pen range also covers metal pens, rollerballs, wooden pens, executive pens, highlighters, pencils and accessories. All can be branded and you even have the option of engraving on many of our metal pens.

And we're delighted to bring a range of eco-friendly promotional pens to the UK market that are made from recycled, biodegradable or sustainable-sourced materials. We also offer a full range of other environmentally-friendly stationery products.

Promotional pens give you more scope

From budget plastic pens to Parker pens, eco pens to highlighters... whether you're looking for promotional pens for your next event or engraved executive gifts for your best customers... you'll find a range of promotional pens to fit the bill.

With high-quality promotional pens from premium names like Parker and Sheaffer, promotional pens really aren't just for give-away promotions – they can be well-appreciated corporate gifts with a perceived value far greater than their actual low cost.

Promotional pens cost less

Few other forms of marketing offer so many opportunities for promoting your brand and getting your message across at such low cost. Low manufacturing costs and bulk-buying mean promotional pens start from pennies not thousands of pounds.

Technological advances have also brought the cost of custom printing down considerably to within even the most modest of marketing budgets. If all that wasn't enough... competition in the mailing industry has also cut delivery costs so you can get cheap promotional pens delivered to your door for much less than even a few years ago.

Promotional pens are a recognised step in marketing

Promotional pens have, and continue to be, the UK's favourite promotional gift choice. When it comes to planning the build-up to a corporate event or starting-up a new business, it's promotional pens more often than not which figure in the marketing plan.

Just as business cards have become an integral part of business, so it is with promotional pens for those in the know. When a marketing/ promotional strategy calls for budget-maximising brand/ awareness building... it's promotional pens that many marketers will rely on time and time again.

Promotional pens fit with most brands/ target audiences

The real beauty of promotional pens is their broad appeal to a wide audience and how well they fit with almost any kind of business. In other words... people in all walks of life use pens every day and promotional pens can easily fit with your brand/ message.

When it comes to promoting your brand and business, this mass appeal is a great way to build awareness quicker and for less. Universally useful, promotional pens get kept more often and longer, by more people.

The best range of promotional pens/ pencils, great service and low prices...

At we strive to bring you the best possible choice of promotional pens in terms of both quality and price. We believe in total transparency and ease-of-shopping and that's why you can use our online calculator for instant quotes and we use secure payment that shows the status of your order.

We're always sourcing and adding great new products to our lines. If you can't find what you're looking for then it's worth getting in touch with your requirements and we'll use our extensive network of industry contacts to see if we can get you what you need.

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